Força Fera Grey Snake Eyes (Red Laser’s Army)

There was an exclusive set based on various Foreign concepts, that was produced by Red Laser’s Army, but designed and sold through another avenue. To me, some of the figures were trying too hard, others were quite cool, and a few were good pieces of fodder that could be used to create some LBCs that would fit my collection. One figure I didn’t have much interest in, but looked usable enough, was the grey Snake Eyes.

Snake Eyes is a somewhat problematic figure to me. I’m a fan of the character, and the figure itself, but I happen to have a bunch of uses of the mold. While pretty much every Snake Eyes from 1997-2004 was the same figure that was just an inferior attempt to be version 1, there’s actually been some variety to the mold since. There’s the COBRA Mortal, the Invasor, and a couple where he’s not even wearing black! The figure being profiled today, though, is probably the blandest release since Comic Pack #4, but I’m surprisingly thrilled with this rendition of the Shadow Man.


Snake Eyes being black and grey has been pretty constant. This figure, though, is quite interesting as the black and grey have been inverted. His straps, facemask and pouches are black, and the base body is grey. I really like this, because grey isn’t super common amongst 82-84 style Joe figures, he now matches up with the Action Force exclusives Moondancer and Dolphin, and it’s a departure from Snake Eyes but isn’t too out of character. The figure also has one additional colour, a nice emerald green is used on his visor. This really stands out, and gives depth to a fairly monochrome figure. Like all the Força Fera figures, he’s got some Tiger Force stripes on his legs. They’re black and not all that intrusive, but they kind of miss the mark, as one of the hallmarks of the Tiger Force was how two-toned all the figures were, so when it’s on a figure that’s grey on top and bottom it loses some of it’s impact. One nice thing about the RLA figures, is there’s a good variety of accessories available with them, and since there’s been a few uses of the Snake Eyes mold, he made sure to put out the 1982 Uzi and Pack. I gave this version the silver versions of the accessories, since they match pretty well.


Character-wise, I find Snake Eyes to be fairly problematic. The whole mysterious lone-wolf is a cool character, but when he’s supposed to be a member of a tight-knit commando unit, it’s stretching things a bit. Even during my favourite comic arc, he fucks off to hang out with Kwinn on some revenge mission, I mean it’s vital to the story, and we learn great facts about America’s Greatest Conversationalist, he’s a jerk, a killer with the dice and he bleeds money. The fact he ditches his teammates to help Kwinn really stuck with me.


Because of this I don’t really see Snake Eyes as a member of the Joe Team, dude’s probably not even in the army anymore. I feel he’s a highly qualified mercenary that has done some real shady stuff, and Hawk holds that over his head in order to use him against COBRA. However this is a double edged sword, as Snake Eyes isn’t an asset the Joes feel comfortable using in high stakes situations, as that intel is good as gone to the highest bidder afterwards. A good friend of mine once said that Snake Eyes’ real identity should be D.B. Cooper. I liked that, and funnily enough, the likely man behind D.B. Cooper was a guy who fought in Vietnam, it all kind of ties together.

I actually quite like this figure, as a Snake Eyes. It’s different, while still true to the character. His base grey colour is really unusual, without being different for the sake of different. It also doesn’t impose on the non-Snake Eyes uses of the mold, such as the COBRA Mortal, or Kickstart. It’s nice, as you get the traditional Snake Eyes appearance, without it looking the same as every other Snake Eyes.

GreySE copy

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9 Responses to Força Fera Grey Snake Eyes (Red Laser’s Army)

  1. A-Man says:

    I don’t think I ever saw this one before. Dare I ask what other avenue was it? Red Laser never added the finished forca fera to his Instagram.

    Snake-Eyes bores me. I recall how some people don’t like Superman because he’s too powerful to relate to. (At least Superman can talk and usually has a no-kill ethic). Once Snake-Eyes held a knife to Cobra Commander’s throat in the comic, the series was really over. Snakes could get past an army of vipers and ninjas to do that. It’s done. There’s no reason CC shouldn’t be dead on in some Gitmo-type place being tortured by Rick Astley music.

    • Some dude on Instagram had them, I think it was @configurablefigures . Overall the set is more misses than hits.

      • A-Man says:

        I see them. I agree. How many green snake-eyes can there be? Enough with the Flash straight arms! Rock-n’ Redhead with the blue chest is baffling. The brown Clutch uniform with white Stalker head is interesting.

  2. Mike T. says:

    I like your take on the Snake Eyes character. It solves some of the problematic aspects of what Snake Eyes became. The D.B. Cooper angle would be kind of fun. Though, the whole trope good guy turns out to be bad is overdone. But, tying the D.B. Cooper situation as a misdirect to cover some of the early Joe team’s misdeeds could be interesting. I always figured that the early Joes made a lot of mistakes. The tracks had to be covered, somehow.

    • paint-wipes says:

      I’ve always imagined the early joes as a mix of career special operators, tech geeks and outright criminals. I imagine SE as someone who was a member of a unit like MACV-SOG in vietnam, then seeing a CIA assignment in Laos, then maybe popping up as a mercenary in a place like Angola or Rhodesia. him being D.B Cooper is just cover for a guy who couldn’t function in regular society but was capable of pulling off such a stunt. It was loosely implied by Hama that his injury happened during the failed Iranian hostage rescue, an assignment the earliest version of the joe team would have been on.

      • I kinda figure Snake Eyes did too much to ever be able to reintegrate into society, and in order to fund his adventures in Africa, did a couple of skyjackings. He was found out, but Hawk decided to use him for hairy missions, and got him out while still putting the screws to him.

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