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“RETRO” A.W.E. Striker

When the retro G.I. Joe line was announced, I was excited. While not handled perfectly, Hasbro was doing a pretty decent job reissuing figures from the 1980s. Sure, the Star Wars retro collection was underproduced, and bought up immediately, but … Continue reading

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1997 Torpedo

Torpedo is one of those secondary characters, that really had a rebirth after the vintage line ended, as he made numerous appearances in the preceding lines, especially the 25th Anniversary era, where Torpedo was definitely one of the better looking … Continue reading

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1991 Eco Warriors Flint

  This past summer, I had some conversations with Mike T. and in the midst of them, I figured I’d get him to review a famous figure that he hasn’t always been the kindest to. However, in turn, I was … Continue reading

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