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1991 Heavy Duty

If there was a character who suffered because of the relaunch of G.I. Joe in 2002, it’s Heavy Duty. In 2002, he was a fairly obscure but solid 1991 figure, that had seen a repaint in 1998, but wasn’t thought … Continue reading

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Super Sonic Fighters Lt. Falcon

1987 was an odd year, as a whole, the year is remembered for the outlandishness of the G.I. Joe movie, a lot of red, and some really bad COBRA figures. However some of the G.I. Joe team members from 1987 are … Continue reading

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1991 Eco Warriors Flint

  This past summer, I had some conversations with Mike T. and in the midst of them, I figured I’d get him to review a famous figure that he hasn’t always been the kindest to. However, in turn, I was … Continue reading

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Did You Ever Notice?

One of the more recognizable Comic Arcs in the Marvel Comics run, was the Battle of Benzheen. A cash-in on the first Gulf War, with a bit of a morality tone to it, where they killed some Joes to let … Continue reading

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