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1984 Blowtorch

  Blowtorch is the first bright figure of the Joe line, the yellow and red were unheard of, even though the colours could reasonably be explained away, since this is a dude who wanders around setting things on fire. To … Continue reading

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Unless It Was The Danger That Appealed To Them


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1984 Tan Clutch

Clutch is one of the highlights of the original Joes, while he might not have had the mystique of Snake Eyes, he was still a unique figure and character that was a lot more memorable than say Short Fuse or … Continue reading

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Did You Ever Notice?

One of the more recognizable Comic Arcs in the Marvel Comics run, was the Battle of Benzheen. A cash-in on the first Gulf War, with a bit of a morality tone to it, where they killed some Joes to let … Continue reading

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Anti Venom Duke (Light Blue)

Over at Forgotten Figures, it’s rarities month, and Mike’s been posting a lot of very interesting items, one of which was the prototype Anti Venom Stretcher. The light blue Anti-Venom set was one of those things that was a common … Continue reading

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Rampage (2018 Red Lasers Army)

When Red Laser did his second big set, there was a group of figures that happened to be somewhat based off of characters from the New-Sculpt Era. A couple were actually fairly close to the source material figure, another was … Continue reading

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