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B.A.T.tle In The Sand

A COBRA Guardsmen tells his men to prepare the B.A.T.’s. With the B.A.T.’s heading out to destroy, the remaining COBRA agents can escape with their lives. Advertisements

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1985 Snake Eyes

I doubt there is a better example of a character’s portrayal in the various G.I. Joe media making a figure popular, than that of the 1985 Snake Eyes. This is a figure that has ALWAYS been an expensive and sought … Continue reading

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Fast Draw

Perhaps the strangest year for the G.I. Joe line, was 1987. From a design perspective, Hasbro managed to both progress and regress at the same time. Hasbro’s 1986 series was a major shake-up to G.I. Joe, as pretty much everything … Continue reading

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The MOBAT is likely the worst tank in the entire G.I. Joe line. It’s too undersized to be realistic, it’s too big and bulky to be fun to play with, it’s barely able to fit a single figure and if … Continue reading

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Red Shadow

Few foreign G.I. Joe concepts are as popular in the collecting community as The Red Shadows. This isn’t surprising, as they’ve got quite a few things going for them, they’re army builders, they have a unique and well thought out … Continue reading

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Escafandrista (Brazilian Deep Six)

I figured the first foreign figure I’d talk about, would be a terrible one! So I chose the Brazilian Deep Six; Escafandrista, which translates into “Deep Sea Diver”. All he is is a version 1 Deep Six with a darker … Continue reading

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Received Spiritual Awakening On The Grenade Range

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