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1987 Big Boa

The 1987 COBRAs are pretty bogus. Named COBRAs had always been somewhat unconventional, considering that they’d had a lounge lizard, a pair of twins dressed up like acrobats, and a strong man torturer mad scientist. However, at the same time, … Continue reading

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1988 Storm Shadow

Storm Shadow as a good guy is something that the fan base is quite divided on, it’s one of those things that both arguments pro and con for him being a Joe have merit. A while back in a comment, … Continue reading

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Soft Sculpting, 5 Points Of Articulation, what’s next- a renewed interest in Weebles?

Yesterday, pictures finally came about for the semi-announced G.I. Joe ReAction Figures series. I wasn’t surprised with what I saw, in fact it was pretty much exactly what I had expected. Yet, still I’m disappointed. For the last few years, … Continue reading

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1988 Mean Dog

G.I. Joe vehicles evolved design wise as the line progressed, but at the same time this evolution wasn’t always for the better, since as the designs became more complicated, the smaller details tended to be disregarded. 1988’s Mean Dog still … Continue reading

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1985 Airtight

Chemical Warfare isn’t really something that is really an expected situation to be explored in a children’s toy line, but G.I. Joe was one of those things that it was such a big thing going on, that they could do … Continue reading

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Pictures Of G.I. Joes

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