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Comic Pack Fred VII

Comic Packs were a fairly poorly handled idea. The idea behind them was quite solid, but the execution for the most part never lived up to the potential that the series had. Hasbro made numerous mistakes with them, including starting … Continue reading

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2002 Fuchsia Baroness

The 2002 Convention Set was a highly controversial release, when it came out. G.I. Joe was at the time, not really a “Serious Collector” realm (and in many ways, still isn’t), so the idea that fans were to shell out … Continue reading

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Red Shadows Star Duster (The Black Major)

For the longest time, The Black Major produced factory customs that were either COBRA operatives, or army builders. There was the occasional blip on the radar, like the under-publicized Black Major style Bombardier, but the first true Joe style Factory … Continue reading

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