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Funskool Zartan

Twenty years ago, there was a lot of interesting aspects to G.I. Joe, that I think probably were overlooked in the excitement of the retail renaissance G.I. Joe was having, as well as the burgeoning online community. The internet was … Continue reading

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1982 COBRA Officer

One of the murkiest concepts in the G.I. Joe universe is that of the actual role of the COBRA Officer. It’s a position that really only has one true known, that being that they’re higher in the pecking order than … Continue reading

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Fancies Himself A Country-Western Singer

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1987 Jinx

  The final new female character in the vintage line was Jinx, Storm Shadow’s cousin, and a ninja in her own right. It’s an interesting concept, and she’s probably the most popular ninja after Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. Still, … Continue reading

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