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Crimson Invasor

  After the initial deluge of Cobra Troopers, The Black Major branched off into figures based upon the South American exclusive Cobra Invasor and Cobra Mortal figures, while not quitethe army building phenomenon of the Trooper, it was a very … Continue reading

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$2.99 I’ll Never Get Back!

I go to thrift stores frequently. All sorts of dumb things I like (JFK Assassination books, button up shirts from the 70s) are for sale there! Occasionally I’ll find a G.I. Joe item, once I found a mint VAMP mk … Continue reading

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  G.I. Joe is a line where when they nailed a figure, no matter how niche a specialty they may have, people will find a use for them. Copperhead, the Water Moccasin pilot is one of those figures. He’s bright, … Continue reading

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Moved To The Coast And Became Quite Weird For About Three Years

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Everybody had a figure that was their ultimate hero/villain. For me, it was Mutt, there was something about the figure and the character that really did it for me. He was armed to the teeth, had a mean dog, and … Continue reading

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