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1988 Cobra Battle Barge

A while back, a comment mentioned that Hasbro took the world building aspect of G.I. Joe seriously. I hadn’t quite realized just to what extent that was really the case. Then I started to think about the amount of toys … Continue reading

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The Arms Race

Some things in G.I. Joe are almost either unnoticed, or so common that they’re treated as something not worth noting, but in doing that, that knowledge tends to be forgotten over the years, and then treated as a revelation, when … Continue reading

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1985 Dusty

Some figures wind up being the definite look for the character, the 1985 Dusty is one example of this. His 1991 Figure, and it’s various repaints are all decent figures, but they don’t feel like Dusty. The 1985 mold is … Continue reading

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He is symbolically climbing out of the quagmire of his past


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1989 Python Patrol Tele Viper

There used to be a time when the Python Patrol were disregarded outright. It was strange since they were army builders in a time of army building mania, but they didn’t seem all that popular. Maybe yellow and red were … Continue reading

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1985 Torch

The original three Dreadnoks are some of the most interesting figures and characters in the G.I. Joe line, especially in the context of the line’s halcyon days, where they pretty much broke it out of the military fantasy realm. These … Continue reading

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Ladies’ Day

I’ve reviewed one previous Comic Story, Hot Potato the back up story in Marvel Issue # 1. In that article I said I wouldn’t make a habit of reviewing comics, but that they’d occasionally appear. So I figured I’d look … Continue reading

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