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Great Moments In G.I. Joe History

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Orange Cobra Trooper (The Black Major)

  At some point in 2013 or 2014, long after The Black Major had stopped producing COBRA Troopers, he showed off two new figures that he had made available, they were COBRA Troopers, however they were cast from a different … Continue reading

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Unhinged By The Murder Of His Uncle

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Mars Trooper (Red Laser’s Army 2017)

The first foray into classic swivel neck Troopers, by Red Laser’s Army wasn’t quite what many people would expect. Rather than use the classic 82 Soldier or Officer body, other parts that were similar in appearance were used, creating various … Continue reading

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Ninja Force Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes is a character that’s kind of done to death, and has been for probably 25 years, that doesn’t stop fans and collectors from buying the character, and having conflicting opinions on him! From a design standpoint, this is … Continue reading

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