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Diorama Trials & Tribulations

I take a lot of G.I. Joe pictures, but sometimes things don’t necessarily work out the way I want them the first time. Depending on how married I am to the idea, I’ll either accept it and move on, or … Continue reading

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1988 Tiger Force Duke

The Tiger Force sub team was Hasbro’s first foray into mass retail repaints. Prior to that it’d either been vehicle drivers or Mission To Brazil. Looking at Tiger Force’s character selection, the figures who happened to be major players in … Continue reading

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Great Moments In G.I. Joe History

That logo is factory.

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1989 COBRA Devastator

The 1989 Battlefield Robots are things I don’t remember seeing anywhere online, even when they were available from Funskool. Hell, Yo Joe! still uses catalog images for their pages in the archives. They look to be the late 80s equivalent … Continue reading

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One of the nameless, faceless legions of COBRA Command

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