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1989 Python Patrol Crimson Guard

After a couple of tries at repainting various G.I. Joe figures as a way to produce exclusive sets or secondary sub teams, Hasbro must’ve noted there was some success and decided to do a batch of repaints for COBRA, creating … Continue reading

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1989 Python Patrol Tele Viper

There used to be a time when the Python Patrol were disregarded outright. It was strange since they were army builders in a time of army building mania, but they didn’t seem all that popular. Maybe yellow and red were … Continue reading

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Ladies’ Day

I’ve reviewed one previous Comic Story, Hot Potato the back up story in Marvel Issue # 1. In that article I said I wouldn’t make a habit of reviewing comics, but that they’d occasionally appear. So I figured I’d look … Continue reading

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Did You Ever Notice?

One of the more recognizable Comic Arcs in the Marvel Comics run, was the Battle of Benzheen. A cash-in on the first Gulf War, with a bit of a morality tone to it, where they killed some Joes to let … Continue reading

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1989 HISS II

The 1983 HISS is probably the most iconic G.I. Joe vehicle, it’s easily identifiable, has a memorable name, and was super prevalent in the Toys, the cartoon, and the comic book, so in the late 1980s, when the G.I. Joe … Continue reading

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1989 COBRA Devastator

The 1989 Battlefield Robots are things I don’t remember seeing anywhere online, even when they were available from Funskool. Hell, Yo Joe! still uses catalog images for their pages in the archives. They look to be the late 80s equivalent … Continue reading

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