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G.I. Joe Pictures


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Shadow Tracker (2018 Red Laser’s Army)

G.I. Joe’s modern error didn’t provide much in the way of memorable new characters, which is reasonable for a thing that was a nostalgia based exercise. There were a few new characters, though, most of them were dudes wearing balaclavas, … Continue reading

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Red Laser’s Army “General”

In the Marvel Comic Book, my favourite overall storyline runs between issues #12 and #18. The story doesn’t drag, there’s just enough going on for everyone to have something to do, and by the end, there’s some actual resolutions. In … Continue reading

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Red Laser’s Army Bombardier

For years there was the “Mystery Figure”, a yellow and grey Flash repaint, most people assumed was Action Force related. Turns out, he was indeed and would’ve been a member of a team that got axed. I’m not sure if … Continue reading

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