Crimson Invasor

After the initial deluge of Cobra Troopers, The Black Major branched off into figures based upon the South American exclusive Cobra Invasor and Cobra Mortal figures, while not quitethe army building phenomenon of the Trooper, it was a very nice way to bolster the early COBRA High Command. 

The figures were the v1 Snake Eyes mold, with swivel arms and the straight arm waist. Not sure why the bulky waist piece was used, but it does help the figure stand out. Of all of the various colour schemes available, I think that my favourite was likely the Crimson. The deep red combined with black and the silver COBRA logo grinning at you in the middle of his chest made for a highly original use of the Snake Eyes mold.

Red Invasor

Quality wise, I’d say the Invasor figures were leaning towards the better end of the spectrum, which of all The Black Major figures released, the highest quality was that of the Cobra De Aço. The Invasor’s have very tight arm swivels though the hands are somewhat thin, like most factory customs, so not every weapon fits them, safely.

In South America, the Invasor was a generic army builder, who in the second series was given the Cobra designation. That doesn’t work too well for me, as the Cobra Trooper is such a utility figure, and has so many variants nowadays, that another generic is almost overkill. So I use the Invasor as mid tier COBRA operative.

The Invasor has the look and feel of an early Cobra figure, but isn’t a distinct enough figure where he can stand tall amongst the named Cobra figures. So you’re left with a classic, combat ready character, who could possibly be a bodyguard or assassin, but if he were to vanish, no one would miss him and Cobra’s activities wouldn’t be slowed in the least.

Red InvasorRed Invasor copy 2



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7 Responses to Crimson Invasor

  1. A-Man says:

    Evil Snake-Eyes clones made for interesting foreign releases, but as part of actual story line, not sure they work for me. I cannot see past Snake-Eyes’ head.

    That one looks like Spider-Man. Maybe Black Major could’ve done a Spider-Hero version of this mold, a nod to Funskool. Would’ve required too many new paint ops, probably. I guess that’s why there were no Python Patrol versions of his CG’s, BATs, female troopers…though some recent figures got Pythonized.

    • Nekoman says:

      I think Python CG’s are on the way now, don’t know about BATs though.

      I think the red helps make this one look less like Snake Eyes. Though I’ve gotta admit, the Red Shadows variant was also very cool. I feel like Palitoy was really prone to using molds like that, so that one also had a fairly natural feeling to it as well.

      • I only kept the Red Shadows Invasor because I felt the character would work in that faction.

        I’m interested in the coming PP figures. Looks like there will be a lot of them showing up soon. That PP Stormshadow seems like a lot more fun than he should be.

  2. atticagazette says:

    The Red Shadows one was the only Invasor I missed, partially because I didn’t see him at the time, and while I appreciate the Red Shadows, I have a hard time using any of them since none of the real players from that faction have actual figures. I’d kill if someone painted up one of the Trooper molds in red and black and had the silly Shad eyes!

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