Differences Between TBM Troopers

I’ve mentioned it, Nekoman’s mentioned it, there’s two different COBRA Trooper molds used by The Black Major. One from the early days, 2009-2011ish, and one from 2014 to the present.

First Mold:  Foot and backpack holes that don’t fit normal foot stands or backpacks. There’s less of a “club foot” appearance. 82-83 markings

Based on legs, mold resembles 2000s era Night Watch figure

Available in: Blue (Red or Silver logo), Crimson (Cobra or Red Shadow), Arctic, Black (Light Grey Webgear or Dark Grey Webgear/Face Mask), Jungle Camo, Urban Camo, Desert Camo (Red or Black logo), Tan (Desert Scorpion or Red Logo), Blue (Red Mask and web gear. Different shade of blue), Stinger Grey, Night Viper Green (Outrider Memorial Figure)

Second Mold: Club foot, backpacks and battle stands fit the figure. Generally have inverted rivets, and tell-tale paint app in the centre of the garrotte on right arm. Arms don’t always sit flush with the torso (Think 1984 Recondo or 1989 Night Viper). 2016+ markings

Feet are more reminiscent of the 1982 COBRA Trooper

The second mold appears to be the same or based off of the first Mold used for factory custom Troopers 

Available in: Blue, Python, Orange, Olive Drab, Grey, Neon Green, Pink & Purple, Action Force Hunter homage, Black with Red web gear, Tiger, Firefly, Soldado, possibly others, with various variations of logos and highlights.


Toes seem pointed inwards on the second mold



Wider backpack hole, goes into the Webgear sculpting.



Holes in the bottom of the feet are different shape and size.

Second Mold is on the left hand side in the images.

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6 Responses to Differences Between TBM Troopers

  1. A-Man says:

    I don’t know what a toot hole is…must be some Canadian term. Newer mold is pigeon toed?

    The mystique of the Cobra trooper mold has worn off for me and/or I’m just apathetic on GI JOE for the most part.

  2. mwnekoman says:

    Great comparison, RTG! The pigeon toes on the newer mold frustrate me, but overall I prefer it for having a more standard backpack hole. I wonder if the t-bars are the same size between them?

  3. Mike T. says:

    This is good info. I’m assuming the Cobra Trooper parts that Red Laser has used are from the 1st mold? I thought he bought BM’s old molds (which is why he has the BAT and De Aco) and then BM redid the Cobra Trooper to be more compatible with gear, etc. when he got back in the game.

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  5. generalliederkranz says:

    This is a really useful post. Something I noticed: in addition to having inverted elbow rivets, figures from the second mold also have unpainted shoulder rivets. The ones from the first mold have painted shoulder rivets, which I think gives them a nicer look, even though the paint on them is sometimes a little sloppy.

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