Differences Between TBM COBRA Soldiers part II


2009, 2016, 2021 (Left to Right)

It’s 2021, and The Black Major is returning to a lot of his previously issued molds. This is a positive in my opinion, because some of the figures we’ve seen in the last 4-5 years have been hit or miss, and while I like a lot of what I’ve picked up, there’s been a fair number of figures I outright avoided. So COBRA Soldiers, and Crimson Guards making a comeback is welcomed by me.

I’d previously did a thing spotlighting the big differences between the first and second COBRA Soldier mold by TBM.

The 2021 COBRA Soldier, is for the most part closer to the 2009 mold, than the 2016 mold. However, there is still a few differences between the two.

Major differences between 2009 and 2021:

  • Paint depicting the mask doesn’t go around the neck (see Crimson vs. Swamp comparison)
  • 2021 can wear a backpack. 

Wearing Backpacks


Sharing is not an option!

Though, with the backpack, which the 2016 mold could also wear, the back hole is a slightly smaller diameter on the 2021, so the backpacks are not compatible between those two versions

  • No markings on rear end. 
  • 2009 Crimson, 2021 Swamp


Surprisingly, a place with some of the biggest changes were to be seen, were in the Dragonuv Sniper Rifle.

  • Far less detail near the handle. Handle seems narrower
  • Smoother design
  • Very hard plastic

Left to right: 2009, 2016, 2021

The photo is poor, but the one on the right hand side is from 2021, the middle is 2016 and the left is 2009. 

One thing, I failed to mention during the last article, was the fact that the 2009 mold, had a smooth inner-torso. This is something that was changed with the 2016 version, where it was more traditional G.I. Joe. The smooth inner-torso returns again in 2021.

2009 Urban, 2016 Orange, 2021 Red Shadow

While on the topic of internal differences, the size of the peg on the shoulder joint changed quite a bit on the 2021 figure.

2009 Urban, 2016 Orange, 2021 Red Shadow

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7 Responses to Differences Between TBM COBRA Soldiers part II

  1. A-Man says:

    How many different BM troopers alone are there? It’s crazy.
    Looks like BM’s Beach-Head and Jinx are back on?
    RedLasersArmy officially done, yet that guy will be doing something…
    Who was Letal?

  2. Mike T. says:

    Great update to this. I wonder why he moved back. The 2016 mold was solid, better than the 2009. But, the figures I’ve gotten using the 2021 mold are also excellent. With what we’ve heard about factories, is this a case of losing a mold, or just something being easier to redo rather than ship molds?

    I’m at a point where a Cobra Trooper repaint has to be amazing for me to jump on it. But, the swamp Troopers and the Python Troopers both fit that criteria. The others looked good, but not something I needed…especially at $18 to $22 per figure.

  3. Erick says:

    Great write up! I’m so glad that there’s still folks like you, Dragon Fortress and Forgotten Figures cataloging these offerings. Thanks for the obvious amount of work that went in to this!

  4. mwnekoman says:

    A very useful post! Do the legs have a fairly natural stance on these new troopers, or are there any issues similar to the last two?

    I’m also really curious what you think about that fluorescent blue trooper in the first photo. That color looks really bad to me, especially in a lot of the photos I’ve seen of it. Though, your comparison photo at the top makes it look a lot nicer.

    • I only have a couple of the Red Shadow troopers from the newest batch, but I will say their legs are great. They don’t kick out and they are easy to work with. Overall, those two are the best factory customs I’ve bought in a really long time.

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