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2002 Slice (Wave 1.5)

Ninja Force figures have never been all that popular, even today, when they’re probably viewed in the most positive light, that I can ever remember. So when Hasbro was doing a lot of fan service by retrofitting the 2nd wave … Continue reading

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Arms Race 2: The Weapon Tree Family Tree

So, this isn’t an entirely finished article, but perhaps you, the reader can help, with the missing information (Mainly just Mold numbers for the trees), if you do, you can join the Paragon of Virtue that is “Guys who helped … Continue reading

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Ninja Force Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes is a character that’s kind of done to death, and has been for probably 25 years, that doesn’t stop fans and collectors from buying the character, and having conflicting opinions on him! From a design standpoint, this is … Continue reading

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He Can Often Be Seen Driving The G.I. Joe Brawler

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1993 Slice

The 1993 Repaints are an interesting phenomenon, they’re usually a neon atrocity, and usually done to a mold that was originally coloured in a fairly sensible manner. The strangest thing was this wasn’t strictly one sub team, as the Ninja … Continue reading

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1993 Punk Rock Zartan

The 1993 Zartan is an absolutely ridiculous figure. He’s grade A punxploitation and while he may look goofy as hell, is actually one of the more realistic figures in the line. Which might be a sadder commentary on the state … Continue reading

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