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2000 Rip-It

Rip It is one of those figures that has been a non-factor for a long time. The figure is twenty years old, and even despite the fact it’s a more sensibly coloured version of a figure from one of the … Continue reading

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2000 Firefly

The very first online purchase I made was for the 2000 Firefly. Things were different back then, and I was a tad leery about online deals in general. I wasn’t sure if I wanted some dude in Tennessee or wherever … Continue reading

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2000 Snake Eyes

Twenty years have gone by since G.I. Joe figures, released as the “A Real American Hero Collection” were released. These figures have gone through various levels of appreciation by collectors, from the early days where they were heralded as G.I. … Continue reading

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Founded a Political Magazine With a Decidedly Eccentric Libertarian Bent

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