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1985 Quick Kick

Guess what? The Attica Gazette hiatus I didn’t tell anyone about, is probably over! A while back I found a real beat-up, yet complete Quick Kick figure, so I bought it. I hadn’t purchased a vintage G.I. Joe figure in … Continue reading

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1985 Snake Eyes

I doubt there is a better example of a character’s portrayal in the various G.I. Joe media making a figure popular, than that of the 1985 Snake Eyes. This is a figure that has ALWAYS been an expensive and sought … Continue reading

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The Dreadnoks are one of the most love or hate concepts in G.I. Joe. For such a high-concept idea, the Noks almost seemed like an excuse to throw references and homages to things that would otherwise be impossible to add … Continue reading

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Moved To The Coast And Became Quite Weird For About Three Years

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