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$2.99 I’ll Never Get Back!

I go to thrift stores frequently. All sorts of dumb things I like (JFK Assassination books, button up shirts from the 70s) are for sale there! Occasionally I’ll find a G.I. Joe item, once I found a mint VAMP mk … Continue reading

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  G.I. Joe is a line where when they nailed a figure, no matter how niche a specialty they may have, people will find a use for them. Copperhead, the Water Moccasin pilot is one of those figures. He’s bright, … Continue reading

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Everybody had a figure that was their ultimate hero/villain. For me, it was Mutt, there was something about the figure and the character that really did it for me. He was armed to the teeth, had a mean dog, and … Continue reading

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Sings To Him Like A Mother Soothing A Troubled Child

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