Great Moments In G.I. Joe History


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Great Moments In G.I. Joe History


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1985 Quick Kick

Guess what? The Attica Gazette hiatus I didn’t tell anyone about, is probably over!


A while back I found a real beat-up, yet complete Quick Kick figure, so I bought it. I hadn’t purchased a vintage G.I. Joe figure in a long time, and an even longer time had passed since I’d purchased one locally. Am I big fan of Quick Kick? Not at all, he’s not wearing a shirt, he’s not wearing shoes and he’s one of the worst offenders of the “racial stereotype affecting the figure” aspect of G.I. Joe. Stalker’s a stereotype, but the figure doesn’t let you know that. Quick Kick’s does.

Quick Kick is a fairly well designed figure, he might be a stereotype but that doesn’t take away from the fact the toy has some good sculpting. He does however have one of the things that’s always bugged the hell out of me when it comes to G.I. Joe, a mysterious floating backpack. It’s a pet-peeve of mine when a figure has a backpack, yet no way for the figure to actually wear it. If a figure has web gear on I generally assume that’s what the backpack attaches to, but then there’s Quick Kick in his hall monitor sash, and I can’t reason it away. Bazooka has the same problem, and Outback too, if he’s incomplete.


Quick Kick isn’t a figure I bought because I like the character, I barely remember what his character was. However he’s a figure that falls into how a lot of my collecting goes, nowadays. Is he going to be useful for some photographs? I’ve taken more photos of figures now, then I ever did when the G.I. Joe line had some actual momentum. There’s also a pretty decent variety of ninja figures around, that gives Quick Kick a slight bit of use, even if it’s just as a dude bound to have a bad day at the hands of Storm Shadow.


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Great Moments In G.I. Joe History

Dr.Venom on love

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Perhaps That’s Why He Wants To Blow Up The World


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Great Moments In G.I. Joe History

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Tiger Force Tripwire

Today’s profile is part of a collaborative effort with Forgotten Figures and The Dragon Fortress that’s also why it’s on a Tuesday, as Mike T. is the elder statesmen! Thanks again to those guys for agreeing to my idea, and for being all around cool dudes.
The Tripwire mold was the most commonly released mold by Hasbro in the 1980s. Let that sink in for a moment. Why it happened is actually understandable, Tripwire has a non-violent specialty and his figure is actually quite well done.

Tripwire’s well sculpted, and his design is done in a way that he’s got uniformity with other G.I. Joe members, but just because he has long gloves and chest armor, he’s not using the Flash mold. He fits in, but is still unique. His head sculpt strikes me as something that would’ve likely had the helmet/visor/ear-phones get up that Thunder received, had Hasbro not been super stoked on the sculpted headwear in 1983.


The early design team seemed to succeed doing something innovative, and would then do it a bunch before moving on. The 1982 COBRA and Officer heads were probably at the end of that series’ design window, so it carried over into a lot of the 83 Figures. 1984 seemed to be the year of glued-in hairpiece. That’s just my observation, though I’m sure there’s a book that has the real facts.

Tiger Force is usually a classic Joe’s worst repaint. Not for the Skoog! He’s got the Listen ’N Fun version for that. TF Tripwire has a fairly unique TF color pallet, and is done in deep rich colours, with an olive drab that is a good call back to version 1. His colours do get a tend wonky when you notice the tiger pattern chest plate, but the orange isn’t as offensive as other oranges used in Tiger Force. It’s odd, since the Tiger stripes are obviously the worst colouring on the figure, they also are the colours that actually tie the entire figure together.

Found Something!.jpg

I really like the Tiger Force Tripwire, since even though he’s from the TF subset, he along with a few others are capable of blending in with other Joe figures.  So because of that he can be used to provide a little bit of oomph to dioramas. I also have always used Tripwire in vehicles, mainly because as a kid the foot broke off of my Tripwire so he wound up sitting in the Silver Mirage or Slugger. 

Mission Prep

Tripwire’s the earliest of the cliched “behaves one way, unless around his specialty” character types, that had become far too common (usually with arctic figures!) as the line went on. Tripwire’s a klutz unless near explosives. Character-wise, Tripwire benefits from being someone who’s key trait is a physical manifestation. Since he’s a klutz, it’s a thing that can actually be used in play situations. His greatest nemesis being the stairs in the 1983 HQ. 

His filecard also led to one of the best lines in the entire run “received his spiritual awakening on the grenade range”, which is up there with some of Buzzer’s filecard lines! Though, if his name is one of those Hama puns or in-jokes, it’s probably awful racist! (Look at “Skoog” in a mirror)


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