G.I. Joe Pictures

87JinxvsRP2C'monFootloose1985RedLaser2018CobrasUrbanCobra2WheelsRLA copy

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2 Responses to G.I. Joe Pictures

  1. Mike T. says:

    Love the posing on the 1st photos. Can’t imagine how long it took to set those up.

    I missed those Rock and Roll Troopers. Had them two or three times. But, things happened. Maybe someday, but I’m not going to pay premiums for them any longer.

    • mwnekoman says:

      I really wish the colors on them weren’t so off. I love the look of the figures, but I really hate the lack of cohesion with the bright blue and light gray.

      Besides the astounding posing in that first picture, I also think it’s impressive how realistic that rockface looks. I’ve been working at making some rocks lately, and it isn’t always easy to get a satisfying result.

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