Great Moments In G.I. Joe History

1995 was something that could’ve been an interesting year. It all depends on what was actually gonna be released. If it was things like this Duke, we’re better off with what happened.



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3 Responses to Great Moments In G.I. Joe History

  1. MIke T. says:

    Knowing Joe fans, if 1995 had happened, it would probably be viewed like 1993. Everyone would say they hate it for the stuff like this Duke, Manimals, etc. And, the really good stuff that was released would have been ignored. And, in the last 2 years, we’d all be marveling at how common carded 1995 figures that were $8 each not that long ago were now $100+.

    • Hahah, definitely.

      1995 is an interesting year, because there’s a lot of insight to potential releases, but how things were going to shake out is kind of unknown. The dichotomy amongst what we know about is even bigger than ’92-94. Like, how the hell does this Duke match up with the unreleased Dr. Mindbender?

      • A-Man says:

        Hasbro was intent on cost reducing, and the o-ring/t-hook designs were seen by bean counters as something that could be cut to save money. (See also, 2002!) Why else would Sgt Savage have that bad ball-socket hip articulation when Hasbro used o-ring format on COPS and Visionaries previously?

        Now whether that would’ve happened in 1995 is speculation. As only this DUKE exists. Reducing leg movement limits what vehicles could be reissued and Hasbro was all about recoloring old rides, as well as figure parts reusage.

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