Great Moments In G.I. Joe History


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10 Responses to Great Moments In G.I. Joe History

  1. paint-wipes says:

    god i can’t get the joecustoms THANK YOU HASBRO banner after these photos came out of whatever convention that was out of my head.

    those six packs were a huge fuckin deal when they came out and honestly from the neck down are an example of what hasbro was actually capable of, but that stupid head makes these things look dated and an anachronism from a specific time in joe fandom. they don’t mix with other figures at all, it is unfortunate.

    still though these photos represent what was probably the only exciting time to be a joe collector in the last 30 years, it may have been executed poorly and with diminished returns each year but hasbro Went For It. we will never see that kind of brand push ever again.

    • You’re definitely onto something in regards to from the neck down what Hasbro was capable of. We talked last summer about some of that shit, so once I finally get a New Sculpt figure or two, I’ll post 2000 words about the disaster that was the 2000s.

    • Rudy Yamada says:

      “god i can’t get the joecustoms THANK YOU HASBRO banner after these photos came out of whatever convention that was out of my head.”


  2. A-Man says:

    I don’t remember the teal blue-green top on the APC.
    Those prototype heads looked so bad, almost like they made of Playdoh. IIRC, the actual test shots aren’t so hot, it was the removable helmet CG head but with a very thin neck. I do wonder where those 18 protos went, in a Hasbro vault.

    Removable helmets are more often a head ache, it’s just one more part to lose. I see lots with modern/25th cobra trooper/officers…missing helmets. I guess you can get Marauder something…semi-adequate to replace them.

    It’s mildly interesting they all have red masks.

    I’m fine with the final release, yes they don’t mix with early ARAH. But…early ARAH cobras can look odd next to anything after 1984. I dunno. Maybe there’s no perfect o-ring Cobra Troopers. And maybe I tried real hard not to use “blue shirts” in this post.

    • Yeah, the prototype heads are incredibly bad. Them all being red masks was interesting, I sort of recall their being a ton of backlash about that, but that was almost 20 years ago.

      Removable helmets are usually terrible. The second prototype head (helmet-less CG head) was probably the optimal version of a removable helmet COBRA, just because it wouldn’t have looked like complete trash without them.

      Thanks for not using the “Blue Shirt” term, I hate it. Always have, because it was some jerk off trying to coin a phrase based off Star Trek. A perfect O-Ring Trooper was possible, but it required more work than Hasbro was ever going to do.

  3. Mike T. says:

    For one brief shining moment, it looked like Hasbro might have finally gotten collectors and was ready to give us stuff we wanted. Then, they released not Steel Brigade figures, not Satan and not Ninja Ku and not Stormshadow with no V1 Stormshadow weapons and the awful desert set.

    These figures were exciting at the time. But, now, I find that I pretty much never use them. And, among the TRU figures of the era, they are among the easiest and cheapest to find. They just don’t hold up. They look fine standing in a line staring at Cobra Commander, Destro and the Baroness. But, they’re kind of stiff and the heads aren’t great. Black Major’s releases of the Cobra Troopers have kind of made these figures moot as they have real gear and the right parts.

    • I think they’d be of higher standing, if The Black Major releases didn’t happen. They’re excellent figures, though the head is iffy. TBM’s releases in a way exposed how much settling the collector base did for Hasbro. When finally seeing 100% complete and original releases I think there was a realization, how vital the whole of a figure wound up being.

      I think that’s why TBM’s pseudo Firefly figures (Which are actually very nice) will never fully catch on.

  4. generalliederkranz says:

    Those prototype heads look terrible. I’m actually pretty happy with how the TRU Troopers turned out, and I find they go well with 83-84 figures (with a couple exceptions like Major Bludd and Wild Weasel). The heads on the originals look great on their own, but putting them next to these, I think the original heads are just a little too big. They’re as big as Destro’s, but he has a huge metal mask on over his head.

    • I tend to never use the TRU troopers and the original mold in the same photo. They don’t mesh well.

      I like the TRU Trooper, but they are a figure that wound up being overexposed in the community. Everybody had a bunch of them, so they were pretty inescapable as they were EVERYWHERE. Every time they appeared in a picture it wasn’t 1 or 2, it was 18, so even army building photos were numbing.

      • A-Man says:

        There’s some guy at Instagram who does those TRU photos like every day. LOL.

        I think it was Mike T that said the Cobra Infantry was going to be the next online/mail away troop builder set after the BATS. But the BATS under performed…not much to my surprise. Never lead with a loser. It meant that fans could’ve gotten a $15 six pack and the army builder photos would’ve been even bigger! Also, would’ve deterred scalpers, who didn’t pay much attention to 2000’s GI JOE besides this pack.

        I could go on about how some people were so fickle they’d sell off as much as half the Infantry set for reasons. That and folks dumping o-ring for modern allowed me to get some cheap troopers/squad leaders like 9 years ago.

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