Pictures Of G.I. Joes


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3 Responses to Pictures Of G.I. Joes

  1. A-Man says:

    Nice Airtight pic. The rest are junk. Nah, you got this thing nailed down. I quit. Oh, it’s not a competition? People should just photos for fun?

    • Ha!

      I’ve never viewed any of this shit as competition, I think it’s fun, and I’ve always enjoyed figures vicariously through photos, so I hope others can do the same, from my pictures.

      I will say, I find it kind of odd that a lot of the big shot photographers in the early 2000s have all curiously disappeared from G.I. Joe photography altogether.

      • Mike T. says:

        Heck, even some of the guys who were really good in 2016-2018 have all but fallen off the face of the earth. Some who are around just repost their old stuff.

        Instagram was my preferred Joe community for a few years. But, it’s a shell of its former self these days.

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