Great Moments In (Not)-G.I. Joe History


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2 Responses to Great Moments In (Not)-G.I. Joe History

  1. jzyber says:

    I love how Big Beard does not appear to have a beard.

    Tartar is either a big fan of fish sticks or just really needs to have a teeth cleaning.

  2. A-Man says:

    Those who said they never made a 3 3/4″ Scar-Face were WRONG. AND LOSERS.
    You Sea Hank, it’s the last hank you see.
    Captain J.B. got made fun of as they reversed his initials.
    Tartar is an ironic game. he carries a flame thrower and chars flesh, hardly “steak tartare”:
    They don’t call him ACE because he’s a pilot or because he’s good at cards, it’s because he had to take a second job at a local hardware store to cover his bills, yo.
    Foxy may be foxy but is he brown?
    RAM is what did to yo’ mom last night.
    Big Beard is fan of Big Bird but fears Henson’s lawyers.
    Serpent is like Snake-Eyes if he were a crude middle eastern stereotype and didn’t understand how mortars work.
    Robin and Dove, this Commando team is for the birds.
    Grey Hound will take you anywhere in the continental USA for a price.

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