Great Moments In G.I. Joe History

Comic Pack 1



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3 Responses to Great Moments In G.I. Joe History

  1. Mike T. says:

    That Cobra Trooper looks better than what was actually released.

    Man, when these images popped, everything was exciting again for a few weeks. Then, it became obvious we’d see too many of the same figs over and over and the accessory complement took a dive. Hasbro had gold on their hands and turned it to lead. At least they learned the concept was good and gave Star Wars fans some of the coolest and most obscure releases they’d ever see.

  2. A-Man says:

    I’m torn between vintage Cobra head and Infantry pack one. For the comic packs it made more sense to use the new head but whatever happened, happened. And there’s the comic Cobra’s not usually having that pistol on their webgear, but everyone can overlook that.

    Of course more accuracy be damned, because let’s make a new Baroness head but ignore what she was wearing and recolor her 1984 body again. Even just using Scarlett legs would’ve been an improvement, but Scarlett’s mold was also a problem or they would’ve have had to recreate it later, too.

    They really missed a chance to make Cobra agent Gregor by plopping a new head on Headman’s body. Maybe too obscure.

    Like MIKE T said, a lot of repetition of molds, as well as characters. How many comic packs were made and no Dr. Venom or Billy or Dr. Appel and those were the easy ones. I guess we were lucky to get any version of Kwinn and the Oktober Guard, even though the original team was underproduced it seems. And with later packs, like the Lady Jaye and Cobra Civil War ones, it was more about what Hasbro wanted to make rather than the characters’ roles in the issue. Flint does little in the Cobra Civil War, so why pick him over say, Falcon or Gung-Ho? Gas Mask Trooper, I liked at the time, appeared for 1 PANEL…in an issue full of BAT V1 that also introduced Dr.

  3. Those colour schemes are great.

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