Heads up!

Last year, my friend Plastic Battles and I did an overview of  the 1990 Dutch G.I. Joe catalog

Now you can listen to us discuss the 1991 version!



A big thanks, to Paul for having me on, and I hope you people enjoy listening, I stayed up late and drank a Pepsi to do this one!


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1 Response to Heads up!

  1. A-Man says:

    Voltar did have his helmet off in Special Missions, he appeared with two normal eyes. I assume it’s a sighting mechanism on his helmet. Though, Fred CC called him a “one eyed mercenary” in the main comic, but what does Fred VII know?

    Does anyone like Backblast’s ammo belt? I forget it exists.
    My photo ratings (so I can do something whilst listening to the audio):
    1. Three, the Voltar platform works, but the things the troops are on just looks like painted packing styrofoam. I like the idea of it, but the 1990 catalog did it better.
    2. Four, because the elevator is lame. Interesting design but not very practical in size.
    3. Four, the water poor and perspective elevate it.
    4. Five, Impressive land scape and lighting.
    5. Five, the radar dishes in the back create an epic scale.
    6. Three, purple haze. Finally the Toxo-Vipers have “realistic camo”, there’s 3 Alley-Viper in the photo. Did you find them all?
    7. Four, The raider’s chin gun position bothers me. Maybe the scenario is the Joes think the BUGG sub is booby trapped so Deep Six requests Lightfoot’s assistance in checking it out. I had HEAT-Viper’s hoses reversed for year. “Breek Adder” is just “Break Adder”. Vuur Adder is “Fire Adder”.
    8. Three and 1/2. Nice idea, mixed results. Who is flying the FANG 2? Can’t tell.
    9. Four, the globe is distracting, amusing but distracting.
    10. Four. Reminds me of Assault on Snow Tiger Dojo youtube stop motion.video. Cobra’s lack of ninjas really shows here. Gnawgahyde hunting the most dangerous game…ninjas!
    11. Four. I always think of the FANG 2’s as mini copters, but they are actually tilt rotor planes, so they could be worthy adversaries of the Mudfighter. I thought your nitpick would be the FANG 2 missiles misaligned.
    12. Four, I missed the Darklon leaning out the side before. Was that Spirit even released in Europe, thought it was the grey and red Euro exclusive?
    13. Four
    14. Two and 1/2. I like the chutes. LOL I can’t unseen the hovercraft strings now.
    15. Two and 1/2. Ariborne’s brown Airwave gun…what the heck? The foreground structure hurts it. But really, it’s that incorrect accessory that kill it. Ha.

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