Perhaps There Is No Moral. Just A Bunch Of Stuff Happened

2010-2019 was not a good decade for G.I. Joe.

The line faced issues on many fronts, it died at retail, more than once. G.I. Joe’s strongest retail partner, Toys R Us, went under. It had a spectacular failure of a Live Action Film. Even the Collector’s Club reached the end of it’s tether. I’m not sure if that was a Hasbro decision or whatnot, I read about it once when it happened and didn’t actually bother to remember. I think there was also some nonsense that went on with IDW hiring some guy who trolled the G.I. Joe fanbase and called everyone as well as the G.I. Joe line itself, misogynist racists or something. I dunno, the fact that from day one, G.I. Joe was fairly blatant about it’s multiculturalism and inclusion, tends to say otherwise.

Overall it was pretty grim, and the dawning of a new decade isn’t looking particularly promising either. When a Snake Eyes movie is based off of Kung Fu movies, rather than just taking Snake Eyes and placing him in the role of Yojimbo, there’s going to be issues.

Even collecting the toys themselves has gotten to be less enjoyable. You see prices out to goddamn lunch, some of which is due to a definite lack of modern era G.I. Joes, and a likely encroachment of these new culture vultures that have arisen now that “Geek Culture is in”. New collectors are generally cool, but there’s been a societal shift where now that mostly bad Comic Book movies are highly successful, a new generation of pseudo Yuppies have gravitated to all sorts of this stuff, as a way to gain a personality. In 2006 these people were fake MMA fighters.  It’s annoying because it leads to having to listen to people generally ignorant of G.I. Joe, willing to OVERSPEND, and the hot takes.

There was another thing that I hadn’t really noticed, until Mike T. pointed it out to me, was that the amount of fan content had collapsed, especially in comparison to the early 2000s. Some of this I blame on the line’s issues, and the changing internet landscape. However nowadays it’s easier than ever to do a blog, take pictures or whatever.

I won’t say the entire decade has been negative, especially on the fandom block. I’ve met some very cool people, who are incredibly talented, and passionate about G.I. Joe. Being able to deal with these people has led to me being far more positive on G.I. Joe, in general, and also allowed me to do some expanding of my G.I. Joe hobby. From about 2003-2015ish, outside of a few select figures, I didn’t actually own any ball jointed neck figures. Now I take pictures of Ninja Force figures.

While, Factory Customs have started to price themselves out of the realm of what I find reasonable, there is still some quality stuff being made. There have been issues, some of the true holes in my collection have been filled by figures such as the General and the Gold Head Steel Brigade.



The Attica Gazette will continue on, hopefully with fewer random gaps. I’ve also decided there will be occasionally more articles like the Case Assortments Of The 80s that are more information based than my typical posts. I’m sure some stuff won’t appeal to anyone but me and maybe three other people, but I think they’re fun to write!

So I hope this new year and new decade is good to all of the people who visit this blog.


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1 Response to Perhaps There Is No Moral. Just A Bunch Of Stuff Happened

  1. A-Man says:

    Yeah, new sculpt error…era I was spent hundreds on GI JOE a year at retail. For the 2010-2019, pretty sure what little modern era I got was clearance stuff.

    GI JOE RENEGADES came and went after one season and the most it contributed to the mythos was a younger Dr. Minbdbender whom never got a toy version.

    Some people still cling to the “war toys don’t sell” and “US military is unpopular” reasons for GI JOE dying at retail and Hasbro ignoring their once flagship brand. I don’t entirely buy that because there’s was once half an aisle in Toy R Us dedicated to their military knock-off line and Larnard has kept their THE CORPS going. And nostalgia/collector lines out there that keep going. Before the She-Ra toon in late 2018, Masters of the Universe hadn’t done anything in popular culture since like 2003 but there’s been collector-aimed MOTU toys for over a decade. It has more to do with the decline of the action figure and toys for any kids over the age of 4. There’s not much reason to risk a non-media supported kid’s line when even those fail a lot. (Recent Duck Tales for one and the massive decline of Star Wars).

    Hasbro could’ve taken things away from the collector;s club sooner and made their own subscription service/whatever. They didn’t care. They did one HasCon event and realized it was of limited appeal.

    Then you have the keeping the o-ring flame alive, the factory customs. All cool, but we get into that elitism thing. On one had you have the purists who dismiss them as bootlegs. On the other the producers who seem to want be a new fan club with limited runs and items made for obscure fan conventions that consist of 10 folding tables set up in a Knights of Columbus hall for 5 hours on a saturday. Plus the promises of new customs that never materialize due to whatever reasons, which I’m sure are valid but maybe not advertize things so far in advance?

    One thing of all the aging badly vintage toys, there’s still little GI JOE repro parts out there. Will fandom get past the toy nerd purism and realize that these not-made-to-last toys will need after market parts to maintain?

    Yes, fan online content has dropped off. Some sites disappearing without a trace (the cartoon image site for one) and some blogs never updating because they are lazy jerks. Use of picture hosting sites maybe went up, though, but the way picture hosting sites go…this can all collapse. It started with Photobucket and it seems like the writing is on the wall for Flickr since SmugMug recently solicited more pro subscriptions. I won’t be surprised if within a year they ban adult content, then make some ultimatums to non-paying users. There’s Instagram, but it seems so limited to me…I have to go out of my way to upload anything since I don’t use a smartphone and am a dinosaur.

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