Great Moments In G.I. Joe History


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6 Responses to Great Moments In G.I. Joe History

  1. PAINT-WIPES says:

    an unprecedented fan outrage that led to hasbro making a lot of mediocre repaints, figures with bizarre proportions and a lot of forgettable club exclusives.

    remember when takara made like two
    above average transformers and every wanted them to design joes, then we got MOON BOOTS FLINT and MIDDLE SCHOOLERS DRAWING OF HIS IDEA OF A HOT LADY BARONESS

    I really cannot tell if the 2000s were a massive waste of time yet, reflecting back there really isn’t much to care about.

    • The fan outrage was interesting, as Hasbro actually listened to it. I still don’t quite understand why they did, but that probably led to a bunch of the almost outright hostile choices by the design team. I think the design decision that would’ve been the easiest for everyone would’ve been introduce the O-Ring to New Sculpts after the 2nd or 3rd wave, and just release Wave 1.5 and one of those TRU 6 packs or whatever in the interim.

      I forgot how terrible those Takara designed Joes were! I looked on Yo Joe! and could ID them all without any hesitation. I like how Beach Head apparently developed rickets at some point!

      The 2000s were an absolutely insane time. I think it’s a testament to how cool G.I. Joe itself, is, as very little worthwhile from a toy or fanbase stand point came out of that decade.

      • Mike T says:

        Those figs sold like crazy, though. The early 2000’s outsold the anniversary stuff like 2 or 3 to 1. Hasbro moved a ton of product but there’s, basically, no collectors who came out of it. Those guys are early to mid 20’s now and there’s no sign of them joining the community. So, who bought all that stuff?!?

      • What I actually meant there was to keep wave 2 a T-Crotch wave. I think if Hasbro had a little more time to streamline the designs of the New Sculpts, it would’ve benefitted everyone.

        No matter one’s opinion on the New Sculpts, it’s pretty clear the Spy Troops figures were for the most part the best designed figures. I do think the retrofitting of the already done figures messed everything up.

        I wonder how much of the demise and subsequent no-show of the kids into JvC era G.I. Joe, is due to the complete 180 from solid Military Fantasy to Comic Book Science Fiction.

  2. A-Man says:

    Ha-ha. Some folks said we should’ve given t-crotch figures a chance. Those people were wrong.

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