Tiger Force Flint


Of all the Tiger Force figures, I’ve found that Flint is the least common. I’m not really sure if that’s just my experience or not, but he’s a figure I hadn’t seen until last week. Flint’s a popular character, which is why I’ve always been surprised by that, Tiger Force Duke is a common figure, and he’s just as popular as Flint. Whenever I come across a figure for the very first time, I find it can make the figure seem far more impressive than it actually is. With Flint here, I know how good a figure he actually is, but this colouring has at least allowed me to have a fresh viewing of the figure, as it’s not the same 35 year old colour scheme I’m used to.

Flint is popular for a reason, not only was he the 1985 character that was given the big push by Hasbro, he was also one hell of a good figure. The design of the figure takes a lot of design cues from the previous years (Suspender style web gear, etc.) puts a twist on them so they’re uniquely Flint. 


The colouring on this figure is really something, for years my opinion on the figure was based off the 20 year old scan on Yo Joe! where the torso looks far ruddier than the brown it actually is. The forest green used for his legs was definitely a Hasbro favourite in the late 80s, which is good to see, because it’s a very nice colour. Almost a Hasbro take on the popular Estrela shade of green. Owning this figure, also really changed my stance on how Tiger Force would constantly change guys hair colour. I think it might have only been Duke and Frostbite that had that happen! While the colouring isn’t as nice as the original Flint, it did bring out some aspects of the sculpt I’d never noticed, including the “US” on the belt buckle, and his airborne pin on his chest. I also hadn’t realized the badge on his beret actually had some sculpted detail on it.

This Flint’s going to be susceptible to elbow cracks, based on his release year. I don’t know how true the story is, but some guy on a message board, once claimed that the elbow pieces were a part Hasbro farmed out to another company, which in a way makes sense, since they’re all the same (outside of 1983 Destro), and that in the 87 and 88 years they’d switched suppliers. Again I don’t know how accurate a story about some guy’s neighbour in the late 1980s is, but it makes sense.

I use Flint as one of the Joe teams more clandestine operatives. The line in his filecard about rescuing missions gave me the idea that he was one of the baddest Joes on the block. The head sculpt has a steely look to it, and any dude who’s walking around with a short barrel shotgun is gonna be as rough as they come. The discrepancy of him being a Warrant Officer and an E-6 can also be explained away by him being lost in the beaurcratic shuffle, intentionally. So it’s nice to have a second version of the mold, in still somewhat reasonable colours, especially since more Tiger Force variations have become available over the years.


On a note that doesn’t have anything to do with the actual figure, the Tiger Force Flint artwork was modified from the original, in order to put a neckerchief on Flint. It’s a strange thing to modify, since it makes the art look even less like the figure! I wonder if other small detail changes were made on the reused artwork in the sub team era!



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5 Responses to Tiger Force Flint

  1. A-Man says:

    I’m glad the day were everyone was expected to hate Tiger Force are past. Maybe someday the Pogo will be respected, too. I kinda like TF Flint more than the original. His hair and beret are no longer the same color. And clearly he’s subordinate to Duke, and acknowledges this. Ha-ha.

    I never noticed the neckerchief on the art. My whole view of reality just changed. Am I in an alternate timeline now?

    I think TIGER FORCE ™ shipped in solid cases of just the team, and cases were I think 24 figures but there were 7 TF carded figures, so some characters must’ve been shorter packed…that assumes a lot. For all we know the cases assortments weren’t consistent. 3 of everybody, then 3 random? Surely some superfan has cases on TF figures sealed and could answer this.

  2. Mike T. says:

    This guy’s gotten too expensive. I prefer the V1, but this is a good repaint. He’s not too tigery but still fits with the other members of the team.

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