1993 Slice

OrangeSlice4.jpgThe 1993 Repaints are an interesting phenomenon, they’re usually a neon atrocity, and usually done to a mold that was originally coloured in a fairly sensible manner. The strangest thing was this wasn’t strictly one sub team, as the Ninja Force, Battle Corps and Star Brigade all dealt with this.

Slice has probably the most overused mold in the entire goddamn G.I. Joe line. Between 1992 and 2002, it was used 12 times. Sure only 4 were as Slice, and 6 didn’t have the same arms, but overall it’s an obscene amount of uses. However, despite the action feature, and abundant use, it’s a solid overall mold that represents a decent ninja outfit. Slice benefits from being one of the few Ninja Force figures with a fully covered face, they gave him a fencing mask, a pretty cool design, in my opinion.


Most Slice figures have fairly zany colouring, this one is bright orange. It’s an odd orange, as it’s not deep like that of the Alley Viper or Funskool Wild Bill, it’s more creamsicle orange, than anything. It’s unique, and the lightness of it dampens how loud it actually could’ve been. Slice, though is a bit of an obnoxious figure, not just by the colour, but he’s also got a bunch of stars all over his gi, which gives the figure some life, and arrogance, which is a cool thing since, it’s gives character to a somewhat bland and nondescript sculpt.

Slice is a fairly well remembered character, he was one of the few characters to develop a personality in the 90s Joe comic, and was portrayed as somewhat compotent, as when he had to do battle with the Joe Ninja Force, it wasn’t portrayed as a complete route. Plus at one point he was involved in murdering Firefly, but I think that was retconned or something. This is a thing that makes Slice one of the few Cobras post 1986 people talk somewhat kindly about. His filecard is neat, because apparently he’s from England, he also drives the Parasite in his spare time. A man of many talents!

Slice isn’t really a figure that factors too heavily in my collection. He’s not really of the proper vintage to mesh well, even if I’m a fan of both the figure and his character. This version is pretty fun, and photographs well, so he’ll find his way into more photos, than a lot of his contemporaries. However, despite this, I also realized that I think that Dice is likely the superior figure of the two, which I don’t think I would’ve ever thought, until I had the two together.







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5 Responses to 1993 Slice

  1. mwnekoman says:

    I always forget I have this figure! The classic red is all that was ever necessary for Slice, but you bring up some good points about this repaint. The oddness of that orange shade sort of makes him fun.

  2. A-Man says:

    “…portrayed as somewhat compotent.”
    Was that a joke?

    He’s from Jonestown, UK…which apparently doesn’t exist. He and Roadpig are from fake towns.

    • My lasting memory of Slice in the comics was him murdering Firefly, after the brainwashing episode. I’ll be damned if I go back and read those bad comics with terrible Andrew Wildman art!

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