2001 Wet-Suit

The Real American Hero Collection, is likely the beginning of G.I. Joe’s road to oblivion, it was a solid line, that was definitely not perfect, managed to produce some high quality figures, they weren’t spectacular, but at the time, and for the ensuing decade, they were well regarded. Age hasn’t been particularly kind to the RAHC, but some of that might be due to the rose-coloured glasses that they were originally viewed with.


This version of Wet-Suit is a solid figure, not spectacular, but very well done. His colouring is nice, as even though it’s a lot of greys, he doesn’t seem bland or melt into the sea of green that a lot of the 2001 figures were, he also doesn’t suffer from skimpy paint apps, which is unusual, but that’s because the paint masks used on this figure were the same as the 1986 v1 Wet-Suit. His colours, succeed because, while they’re definitely a 2000s palette, they fit in well with the vintage Joes, Wet Suit still looks good in the TTBP.

For some reason I really wanted the Wet-Suit and Wet-Down two pack, it was somewhat of a grail for me, because when it was originally released, it wasn’t available in Canada. We got wave 2, which had a bunch of Big-Ben and Whiteout two packs, that pretty much killed the line immediately, as while they’re nice figures, when there is 17 of them on the pegs, interest dies. Of all the wave 3 packs, I was most interested in the divers 2 pack, it only took me about 15 years to get it! I’m still not sure why it was such a desirable item to me, it might be because of all the figures in this wave, it was the only 2 pack not on the shelves when I was on a trip to America, and first stumbled onto the fact there were new G.I. Joes. Somehow the Laser Viper and Fast Blast Viper 2 packs were still available!

2001 Wet-Suit

Diver’s are funny figures. They always look great, but they’re kind of hard to use, and Wet-Suit here is no exception. The nicest thing about this version, is while he’s far more muted, he still interacts with vehicles very well. The figure and vehicle/playset interaction is one of those things you don’t really think of, because a lot of the time it’s actually very seamless.

I really like this Wet-Suit figure, it’s a very solid mold that despite it’s numerous, similar repaints, never feels overused, or too close to one of the others. This version, I think might be the best, as it’s got the 1986 Paintmasks, combined with better colouring. Though I’ve never seen a Special Mission Brazil version!


Wet Suit2

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1 Response to 2001 Wet-Suit

  1. Mike T. says:

    This Wet Suit wasn’t bad. Wetdown was a different story. But, I don’t think there’s a bad version of Wet Suit and, as you said, they are all different enough to have some merit.

    You’re starting to see some interest in the ARAHC, again. Though, that’s probably a function of overall price increases leading to fewer bargains. But, Wave III shipped for a very short time and the divers weren’t carried forward into Wave IV. So, they are probably as common as the Wave I figures. Even in the U.S., this wave was only available for a short time and many stores never got it do to the Big Ben/Whiteout fiasco here, too. (Though, it as an apocalypse in Canada.)

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