Great Moments In G.I. Joe History


Main Expertise: Strategist and leader of the forces of terror. Secondary Specialization: martial fights and development of fulminant electro-radiati weapons.

The wickedness of Ciclon comes from the cradle. Born and raised among fanatical Satanists, he was prepard to govern the dark side of the universe. Through dark mists, climbed the highest positions of command, always with total dominion over his troops, competing with the own leader Destro. In the near future, a confrontation between these leaders will be inevitable. Destro, as long as you care, in the sharp claws of Ciclon can tear you from the pages of history of organized terror

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3 Responses to Great Moments In G.I. Joe History

  1. A-Man says:

    More interesting than every fanboy’s “Joeverse” take on what they considered a blank sate character. He pilot’s the Brazilian POGO, so he’s totally nuts.

    Dr. Mindbender was also part of Forca Destro…Destro likes monocles.

    I’ve wonder what Tyrano’s (Cobra Commander 1991) Brazilian filecard would’ve been like. I don’t think Battle Armor CC was even Cobra Commander in Brazil. Just some bad guy in armor.

  2. A-Man says:

    Well I got curious and rough translated Battle armor CC’s file card. He was just some kid that lost his way.

    Cobra Armor
    Codename: Harness
    “Have a heart of gold, this boy,” said his parents. “It’s only good,” commented the neighbors.
    From childhood, Cobra Armor, he lived for others. Your life did not count. Until one day he got tired of all this and came down the arm in all the world. The good boy became a beast. And later, a bad man.
    It became so bad that he joined the Snakes, dressed in bullet-proof and anti-laser armor, and now he fights the Commands with all the forces. “And a man of iron and without heart,” they all say.

  3. Whoa that’s a pretty neat character, it’s almost surprising there weren’t more “Guys who got fed up” characters in COBRA Command.

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