Soon Became Obsessed With The Avian Bloodsport


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4 Responses to Soon Became Obsessed With The Avian Bloodsport

  1. A-Man says:

    As one of Raptor’s longtime defenders, I quit. He’s a terrible character.
    Nah, he’s a’ight. People focus on Cobra’s goofier characters because there’s less Cobra characters.

    They also forgive silliness of fan favorites. What arms dealer dresses like Destro? Why is CC so secretive about his appearance when he’s just a failed car salesman? Spirit is a mystic native badass stereotype who communicates with his eagle! There’s 20 Joes with no regulation beards. How come Flint wears a beret into combat? Why does Scarlett dress like a vigilante gymnast?

  2. Honestly, Raptor’s silly as all hell, but I get a kick out of him. There’s quite a paradigm shift with the 1987 COBRAs, and I don’t think they worked out too well, but, Raptor at least has a semi-interesting action figure, so he’s at least better than Big Boa!

    • Mike T. says:

      Every figure is better than Big Boa. He’s terrible.

      When Raptor was introduced in the comic, I thought he was pretty cool. The character was OK and the suit looked really nice. But, it didn’t translate to the figure and it’s pretty terrible.

  3. A-Man says:

    Sans boxing gloves, I saw Big Boa as the Cobra version of Sgt. Slaughter…to me could fill a need for a named NCO character in Cobra…except the figure really doesn’t work, because he’s shirtless but for a spiked straps or whatever those are called.

    At least (or unfortunately?) we never got the asian stereotype spider wrangler character. Cobra could’ve covered the whole animal kingdoms with it’s trainers.

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