1985 Snake Eyes

I doubt there is a better example of a character’s portrayal in the various G.I. Joe media making a figure popular, than that of the 1985 Snake Eyes. This is a figure that has ALWAYS been an expensive and sought after figure, and yet it is still very rarely seen in fan content.

I’ve always been surprised at how little use Snake Eyes version 2 sees in dios and photographs, especially considering that iconic looks and popularity has been the basis for fan generated content for like 20 years. Then I remembered, this figure isn’t really that good.

If you look at the figure, all seems to be well. He’s got some fairly cool and well sculpted details like his visor, the combat knife on his leg and he’s also received the “Guys, it’s 1985, we all need to wear two belts” memo that a lot of the ’85 figures seemed to have. The colouring is a perfect update to the character, as he’s still the dark shadow man. Once you get the figure in hand, though, something is off. There’s got to be a structural flaw somewhere as he’s just a figure that doesn’t pose well. Much like Recondo, he looks cool, but that’s about it.

Snake Eyes received the same ’82 Uzi, which is a nice touch as it ties the character back  to the first version, and shows a continuity within the line. He also has a bad ass scimitar and a backpack that can hold it. I always liked how his sword wasn’t a ninja sword like Quick Kick or Storm Shadow, it was different and combined with his visor always kind of made him seem like a Knight, to me. He also came with a wolf. I don’t like Timber, I never was big on most animal figures, other than Junkyard, I always found them kind of hokey, and to me Timber was the hokiest. Nowadays the animals are decent for props in photos, but Timber’s so goddamn expensive I’m not going to seek one out.

It’s a shame how this figure doesn’t really live up to either it’s design or the portrayal it had in both the cartoon and comic books. Especially since, this is a design that was Snake Eyes at G.I. Joe’s absolute peak, so it’s been ingrained as THE Snake Eyes. This is a figure where the mold hinders it, so while it would’ve probably had a really good paint in 1997, it’d still just be a figure that was “just there”. We’d also probably have seen 3-4 bland and derivative repaints of this same mold, without even anything as dramatic as the Kid Rhino ’83 Snake Eyes.



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9 Responses to 1985 Snake Eyes

  1. I’ve never had this figure and have probably never seen one in person, but “isn’t fun to play with” is just a thing some molds have going on. Hiro Yamata, the Corps! ninja, for example. He has that exact problem, no matter which version of the mold you own. His legs just don’t stay where you want them to and he’s a chore to pose, even though he looks excellent in a variety of color schemes.

  2. A-Man says:

    I haven’t dug mine out in some time.

    Ah, figures that don’t pose well due to design/whatever. Cobra Commander 1991 is like that, he’s so bulky that his arms don’t pose well. New sculpt era was also full of such figures due to design. In fact both 2002 Snake-Eyes figures are flawed and amusingly, both re-dos of this one’s look.

    Another reason you might not see this figure much is that Snake-Eyes isn’t a team player. Any version after V1 seems to be a lone wolf (lone wolf Timber optional) in the minds of many. And fans taking photos often go for team shots. Maybe?

  3. Even as a kid, this figure looked better than he played. I don’t have many great memories of using him. But, I always wanted to have one. Hell, I remember the day I found him sitting in an unstocked case on the floor of Toys R Us. He’s that important.

    Good news, though. Black Major versions coming soon. 🙂

  4. mwnekoman says:

    I really need to get this figure and round off my ’85 collection sometime, but I just keep forgetting about him! Something about those 80’s V2 figures always slips my mind. That, and I’ve always preferred the goggles look for SE, despite how iconic this version is.

  5. Xander Martin says:

    I love the design, I’m a v2 hands down, but I’ve always thought this figure looked a little dumpy. His legs feel too short, and the torso just seems to have very little definition to it.

    That said I agree %100 about the accessories. Even the wolf, albeit unnecessary, is a plus.

    P.S. I am thoroughly enjoying this blog. I love that you’ve put all these killer pics to such use!!!

    • I think you nailed it with the legs feeling too short! There’s something a tad off, and I think that’s it. Especially since, in all these years, you’ve been the most prevalent user of the 1985 Snake Eyes in photos 🙂

      Also, I’m super glad you’re liking this blog, Xander. It’s been a lot of fun, and it’s a nice way to give these photos some use, after Flickr died the unglamorous death it did.

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