Escafandrista (Brazilian Deep Six)

I figured the first foreign figure I’d talk about, would be a terrible one! So I chose the Brazilian Deep Six; Escafandrista, which translates into “Deep Sea Diver”. All he is is a version 1 Deep Six with a darker skin tone, no other changes. To me the only notable thing is that he prevented me from purchasing a domestic Deep Six for like 8 years.

In Brazil, Escafandrista was released with his vehicle, which was quite a rare thing in Brazil, since they were far ahead of the game and usually released carded figures and would give those figures roles driving vehicles they didn’t come with, similar to how Hasbro started doing things like making a Ninja Force character has a secondary specialty of driving a G.I. Joe badger.

Much like Deep Six, this is a BAD figure. He’s just a hunk of plastic with a play feature that is literally only for or useful if you’ve got a body of water nearby to use him in. Hasbro deserves some credit, because the figure does have a very nice sculpt, and he was an attempt at something new. Unfortunately he just so happened to be a member of a toyline with best articulation scheme in action figure history. (F.U.I.U.D.)

Deep Six Brazil

His arms move, at least!

I’m not sure what the character here is, I never bothered to do a filecard translation, besides, he’s really a figure that can only be used as Deep Six, who actually had one of the best characters in all of G.I. Joe. Deep Six was a little more realistic than most Joe characters, bottle cap collecting and doing the NY Times crosswords are a little easier to swallow than “HAS A PET WOLF”. Deep Six also had a line in his filecard about how he became a Navy Diver so that he could “Be Alone”, I’ve always been somewhat of a loner, so that was a feeling I could relate to.

In the comic book, Deep Six was actually a pretty heavily used character for a chunk of the 1984 comics. He wasn’t really in his dive suit for most of it, because that thing sucked, and so there’s a lot of ideas for customs based on his regular seafaring garb. Of course the issues he plays a big role in, happen to be some of the worst drawn issues in the entire Marvel run, so even if you want to go back to re-read them, it’s not a pleasant visual! (Yet, #24 is the best drawn issue by far!)

Escanfadrista isn’t a figure I’d recommend. He’s a bad figure, whom even cheap will usually cost a lot in shipping. I probably never would’ve even written this if it wasn’t for the fact I like the Deep Six character and all my pictures of the figure are this version.





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1 Response to Escafandrista (Brazilian Deep Six)

  1. A-Man says:

    Wants to be alone, but joins the military and the navy to boot, where his odds of being stuck in a big tin can with a bunch of other people is high.

    Based on a comment left by a Brazilian on an obscure blog that was making fun of foreign package art, the reason Estrela didn’t include driver figures is because Brazil was/is a relatively poor country. So to keep costs down. I guess.

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