$2.99 I’ll Never Get Back!

I go to thrift stores frequently. All sorts of dumb things I like (JFK Assassination books, button up shirts from the 70s) are for sale there! Occasionally I’ll find a G.I. Joe item, once I found a mint VAMP mk 1 for 2 Dollars.

Usually I find this kind of junk! IMG_20180116_165059

Yes, I spent 3 Dollars on a 1984 G.I. Joe Zartan Paint-A-Figurine. That had ALREADY been painted. Who knew Zartan looked like E.T. without the face paint.



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2 Responses to $2.99 I’ll Never Get Back!

  1. A-Man says:

    Initial take upon seeing that was that Zartan has a massive case of diarrhea. The expression on his face sells it even more.

  2. Nekoman says:

    I’ve never thought about hunting at a thrift store, might give that a try sometime!

    The face is pretty grand on that Zartan. I wonder if he made it to the bathroom in time?

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