Everybody had a figure that was their ultimate hero/villain. For me, it was Mutt, there was something about the figure and the character that really did it for me. He was armed to the teeth, had a mean dog, and the line in his filecard about “He’ll bite your leg off” and when Zap said in issue #25 “Look who’s wearing the muzzle” really gave Mutt a personality to me. Plus I liked the idea of Duke making him wear the muzzle to save the Joes from war crime convictions.

Mutt copyWhen I played with Mutt as a kid, he was the baddest guy on the block. I haven’t read any of the late era G.I. Joe comics since the scans were posted on, but the meme of it becoming the unstoppable Snake Eyes show, was kind of how I used Mutt. Since he had an overpowered gun (WITH a suppressor) and a club, he was capable of unprecedented violence against Cobras. Plus, as a kid I liked having Junkyard chase the enemy into a trap, the trap being Mutt.

His figure being one of the later 1984’s, gives him the high quality sculpting from later in the line, but the military accuracy that was all over the place in the 1982-1984 era. If you compare his torso to Leatherneck, from 1986, you’ll notice they’re actually based on very similar equipment, just the sculpting with Mutt is a lot easier to determine what the hell it actually is! He also had some cool scars on his face, and his mouth almost looks like he’s growling.


Since I used the hell out of Mutt as a kid, I shied away from him as an adult collector for a long time. Partially not wanting to ruin memories, as some figures I liked didn’t age well, and sometimes figures people are biased towards can become a pretty easy thing to figure out. I like to keep people guessing!

If you’re looking for a really good story starring Mutt, go to Blood For The Baron, and read the Action Force comic “The Hacienda Hit”. Action Force was really good at spotlighting figures in a way Marvel never accomplished.

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  1. A-Man says:

    While my older brother had Mutt, my first Mutt was the Marauders version, and while I don’t have that blind hatred of that special team that some fans do, the figure suffered from its Estrela origins. The muzzle rubbed the paint off his stache off quickly. The plastic was more brittle. And of course, his original helmet was not included. I had the accessory pack one, but it was grey….because all the accessory pack items were oddly colored as a “SCREW YOU, KID! YOU LOST THE ORIGINAL GEAR AND ALL YOUR FRIENDS WILL KNOW!”….like driving a blue car with a red door. I guess grey was one of the better battle gear colors.

    Mutt seemed to have been liked by the cartoon writers and Larry Hama. The cartoon made him the Christmas holiday depression sufferer. Those shows were deeper than anyone realized.

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