Red Laser’s Army Bombardier

For years there was the “Mystery Figure”, a yellow and grey Flash repaint, most people assumed was Action Force related. Turns out, he was indeed and would’ve been a member of a team that got axed. I’m not sure if the big reveal of who he was, ever generated much excitement, but it was good info. I know fans were protective of the mystery as some dude made up a custom figure, and jokingly said he found it at an Estate sale, and that caused a big stink. The early 2000s were a messed up time

So having that little bit of historical background was important for the creation (and marketing) of the figure. Though I feel the most important aspect of this Bombardier figure, is the fact he’s the first, new, O-Ring GI Joe character released in 7-8 years.  While there’s been a vast array of Cobra figures, it’s been awfully arid for the Joe team. Bombardier and the fact that ARAH style GI Joe is still popular has opened the door for many others (3 new characters and 4 new versions of existing characters so far!)

Bombardier’s a solid figure with a few exclusively colored accessories (helmet, backpack and laser gun) and he includes the ever popular clear 1982 visor, which goes a long way for the figure, especially since his head is noticibly smaller than a typical 82 Short-Fuse head. He’s got a super wide backpack peg and hole, which makes it easy to distinguish what belongs to him.

Bombardier’s not really anything groundbreaking, as he’s just a repaint of an already popular and commonly used 1982 figure and character. His colors can be tied into European figures or would likely look good standing around on the TTBP, which makes him very useful as background filler, as he stands out but isn’t ever going to be the centre of attention. Though, the Flash mold is so solid, he’s the type of figure people can get enamored with and decide to use all the time.

He’s a factory custom, so if you put him beside a 1983 Flash you’ll be able to tell they’re not the same company, but he’s better than some Funskool figures and a lot of Remco figures from the 80s. Honestly at this point the fact he was even produced should be taken as a victory.


Bombardier Repairs The LAW

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5 Responses to Red Laser’s Army Bombardier

  1. mwnekoman says:

    I’m really happy to see the customizers working on some Joes now too. This figure is really interesting for that history as not only an unreleased foreign item, but also as a mystery to GI Joe fans for so many years. Wasn’t Yo Joe offering a cash reward for info on him?

    • That was Ron Conner at Treasure & Toys who offered the reward. He found the figure in a bin at Whiz Bang collectibles in the mid 1990’s. I think there was another one there, too. Whiz Bang got a few of the early Hasbro guys’ collections and is the main source of all the 1995 prototypes that got into the marketplace.

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